Damsbo Master Dining Table 245, White Oak


A combination of a refined and durable dining table. It is made of solid oak from the forest Damsbo in Denmark. Our design honors and supports the material by its style and details with the compelling legs and fine-rounded solid tabletop. The rounded profiles are a recurring detail in the design. The embracing bolts of solid brass underneath is another detail that underlines the gentle elegance of this table.

The table is very robust, stable and durable in usage. Due to the clear silhouette and clear lines of the table, it is an ideal match for any setting, particularly with possibility to sit everywhere around it. The solid oak wood in natural oil allows hard use and will patinate beautifully over time

The dining table can be extended with the extension plates. Use the extension plates permanently or when extra seating is needed.


Materials: Solid Danish Oak from the Forest of Damsbo in Denmark. Raw Brass Detail

Place of Origin: Made in Denmark


Dimensions: L: 245 cm, W: 90 cm, H: 73 cm

Net weight: 64 kg

Finish: White Oil Treated

Designed by: Herman Studio

Product number: 1201


Step 1: Clean the surface with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe the surface dry.

Step 2: Apply a white furniture oil with a soft cloth. Excess oil must be removed 30 minutes after application.

Step 3: Polish with a clean cloth until an even look is attained. The oil will not harden until after 12 hours. Do not cover any of the surface until the oil has hardened.

IMPORTANT: Cloths with oil should be disposed of in an airtight bag with a little water. The cloths are flammable and highly flammable.

Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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