About us

We form and refine the purest materials through a sustainable path, and put materials, form and quality equally first

Form & Refine is a Danish design brand. We carefully select pure materials from around the world and have these crafted in their countries of origin using skilled traditions. We form collections of Nordic design that will refine as the years progress.

We are a new generation of brands – dedicated to preserving our earth and craft cultures

Form & Refine was founded in 2018 by Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen– based on a common vision to create a value-driven brand that explores materials and preserves our earth and craft cultures through an exceptional design philosophy.

We believe in sustainability by choosing local materials neighbouring local workshops and thereby reducing our CO₂footprint. The forest Damsbo on the island of Funen in Denmark is our source of unique and beautiful Danish wood of ash, maple and oak; allowing us to be able to produce locally with the help of skilled craftsmen. The region of Alcobaça in Portugal is our source of clay as well as the ancient pottery techniques used to manufacture our ceramics.

We also believe in social impact and preserving crafts by working with cooperatives and smaller workshops – creating fair and respectful partnerships. Among others, we support a cooperative of alpaca farmers in the highlands of Bolivia through the art of weaving and ancient wisdom.

Materials are our great passion and we are dedicated to finding the purest materials of the highest quality to ensure long-lasting products. We are selective when choosing skilled craftsmen to handle the manufacturing of our products. We truly believe that this is best found in the nation of origin of the materials. This is why we pass on the processing of the materials to dedicated skills in their respective countries. The pride for the materials and craftmanship is reflected in our products’ expression and quality.

We are socially responsible creating fair and respectful partnerships. And we believe in connecting worlds through appreciation, social projects and good design.

We see design as smaller stories to be told – about great materials, local craft traditions and through aesthetics

We are proud to build upon the Nordic design tradition. We therefore strive to honor and acknowledge those who came before us, all the while breaking new ground. Every Form & Refine item carries a story about its material. The design is clear, modest and elegant, thus honoring and supporting the materials to best manifest themselves.

We see design as an expression but equally important as a functional object that never compromises on quality. In our opinion that is the foundation for long-lasting design that will refine through generations.

So, in the end we FORM & REFINE wholesome materials with a sustainable path – creating items with care and craftsmanship using elements that stand the test of time.

The Founders

Design Philosophy

As a Danish design brand, we are proud to build upon the Nordic design tradition. We therefore strive to honor and acknowledge those who came before us, all the while breaking new ground. We value aesthetics, function and materials equally and never compromise on quality. We see design as a creative expression but just as importantly as functional objects. In our opinion, that is the foundation for long-lasting design; items that age beautifully and refine through generations.

Our designs are modest but recognizable by their details and clear silhouettes. The design honors and supports the materials in their honest expression. That expression is repeatedly being respected and appreciated as we principally use solid and pure materials that are allowed to retain their original visual details and shapes.

Our main collection is designed and curated by our creative dynamism; Herman Studio. They lead the overall design direction, continually exploring the aesthetics and details of our objects. They also reconnoiter new material projects and possible new design collaborations.