Our furniture designs come from a deep love of wood – our most favorite material. It is organic; it simply sprouts from the soil and supplies us with clean air during its growth. When harvested and manufactured responsibly, wooden furniture is low in CO₂ emission. It is a material that takes skill to master and is ever-changing. It is warm to the touch and has life and temperament. It expands or shrinks depending on its surroundings. And it only grows more beautiful as time passes.

At Form & Refine, we greatly appreciate the materials we work with. This means we embrace and applaud the natural and varied expressions of wood. Thus, each piece of furniture has its own distinctive traits, depending on the grains, knots and coloration of the wood. Not only does this mindset support our vision of sustainability, it also honours the idiosyncrasies of natural materials.

Our partners

We collaborate with a small number of carefully selected European timber manufacturers. Each one is a specialist in their field, from solid wood to moulded wood, plywood and so forth. We strive to build close personal relationships with our partners and engage them from an early stage of the design process in order to incorporate their input in the development of optimal solutions based on their experiences and capabilities.

Locally sourced timber

One of our key goals is to manufacture our products close to where the materials are sourced in order to minimize the need for transport. Hence, our select European partners use solid wood that is grown domestically or in nearby countries. That is also why we do not use teak or mango wood from South America or Asia or oak from North America. This commitment helps us reduce our carbon footprint considerably and is environmentally sustainable.


European oak has a long growth period and high-density timber that is durable, long-lasting and resistant to warping. Oak also contains high levels of tannin, making it robust enough for outdoor use for approximately 50–75 years.


Beech is a slow-growing tree with hard and highly durable timber. The wood has a uniform look with few knots and is well suited for lacquer or paint finishes. Beech trees grow in most Danish and other European forests. This makes it a perfect fit for our goal of local sourcing and a celebration of responsible and cyclical production.


Ash is a relatively thick hardwood with a very elastic structure. It has a strikingly bright glow with the wood grain shining through beautifully.