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Scandinavian design tables

Create a gathering place around your favorite dining table, and make daily memorizing moments together.

Discover Danish design from Form & Refine, who celebrates materials, form, and sustainability equally. The used materials are carefully selected, and crafted with a great amount of skill, using long-established traditions. At Form & Refine we salute the natural form of our materials and produce exclusive collections of refined Nordic design. Combine your dream table with lovely with our fantastic range of danish design chairs.

An uncompromising commitment to preserving our earth and craft cultures

Established in 2018, Form & Refine celebrates the craftsmanship, minimalistic simplicity and the embracing of natural materials. The Scandinavian minimalistic designs have clearly impacted our interiors and inspired our vision. We believe in sustainability, which is why Form & Refine is choosing local materials near local workshops, as a result of reducing our CO2 footprint.

Our source of unique and alluring Danish ash, maple and oak is by using the local forest Damsbo on the island of Funen in Denmark. With the help of talented and creative craftsmen, we are able to produce locally.

We take great consideration when selecting our highly skilled craftsmen to handle the production of our products. We truly believe this is accomplished best in the nation of origin of the materials. Our source of clay and the ancient pottery techniques used to produce our ceramics, is chosen from the region of Alcobaça in Portugal.

A Danish creation and praise of wood

The Danish Forest Damsbo is where the sea meets the forest, and nature and flora merge together. The forest covers part of the inland area and part of the beach shore towards Jutland – making it a superior location for great woodland. The forest dates back at least 700 years and spans an area of more than 200 hectares.

Damsbo Forest contains an extensive number of both broad-leaved and coniferous trees, which are allowed to grow considerably longer than most trees, harvested for wood. This is one of the reasons why Damsbo Forest’ wood has very high density, well-defined grains but also a unique and special glow. Normally trees need to grow around 25-30 years before they are able to produce a natural resistance towards bacterial growth and fungus. Damsbo Forest let’s all trees grow longer than the estimated time, which only results in trees becoming even more resistant.


Since the very beginning of Form & Refine, we have been pursuing sustainability. Good and sustainable materials are our greatest passion, and we are committed to finding the absolute purest raw materials of highest quality possible, to ensure long-standing products.

We believe in using sustainable business methods and practices, which have shaped our company culture and created a sustainable ethos which influences everything we do. By using these sustainable methods, we truly believe we can preserve and even improve our environment. We do this for a more sustainable future.

At Form & Refine we are committed to continuing to improve our own awareness, and there is always room for improvement. Our commitment to sustainability is aligned with the UN Global Goals (UNGG) on Sustainability. The descriptions of UNGGs global issues and objectives, correspond to the values of our own business, which is why we have divided our sustainability commitment into the following 5 areas: CO2 Footprint, Durability, Social Equity, Economic Benefits and Natural Materials.

Read more about our sustainability commitment.

Our goal

Our goal at Form & Refine is that the maximum radius for the sourcing and processing of our materials never exceeds 100 km. We take great consideration to our CO2 Footprint and want to produce in the most sustainable and environmental way possible.

Scandinavian Dining table

Embrace the sleek wooden style and upgrade your dining room with a touch of minimalistic Scandinavian design. It is no secret that Danish designers master the minimalist design, and can make any room seem big and bright, with the right selection of furniture pieces.

Embrace natural materials and create a simple gathering place in your dining room with our various dining tables.

Form a vision

Depending on your dining room, consider which form of dining table suits your dining area the best. If your area is small, a round table can be more flattering than a square-table. The edges of a square table can seem harsh in a smaller room. Take great consideration in which form of dining table will be more flattering in your dining area.

Round dining tables

The Trefoil Round table Ø75

Create an enjoyable sitting area with a centerpiece with elements of free-flowing solid oak and invent a contradiction of lightness with a substantially round table. The three subtle legs make it possible to sit around the table in a relaxed position. With great legroom and comfort, you are guaranteed a cozy environment.

The table is made to fit all requirements, such as hospitality, office and for private use.

The material of this piece is of Solid European Oak and is available in both Oak and White Oak.

The Frisbee Table Ø120

Balance the contrast between simple and elegant with powerful and beautiful craftsmanship with a Scandinavian dining table. This table will be the absolute centerpiece in your dining area. With a tabletop made of Solid European Oak and a fine rounded edge, you can make any room feel like home. The legs are made from Stainless steel and with a sanded surface the finish is a matt look.

Achieve an expression of quality and grace

The round table invites dialogue and there is always room for an extra chair. Gather your loved ones around this natural beauty and enjoy dining together. The three legs do not prevent any legroom or bring any discomfort. The table is easy to sit around and fits up to seven chairs.

The table is available in Oak and White Oak, and is usable for all desires – hospitality, office and for private use.

Square tables

Browse our curation of the finest dining tables and discover the beauty of Danish design. Let yourself be compelled by the absolute stunning square tables in Solid Danish Oak, exclusively from the Forest of Damsbo.

Damsbo Master Dining Table 245

The perfect addition to your dining area, with a combination of a refined and durable dining table. This dining table is a true product of Denmark, with materials of Solid Danish Oak from the Forest of Damsbo in Denmark. The clean lines and recurring details in the design makes the table ideal for any setting, any time. Our design honors and supports the material by its style and well-thought-about details. The compelling legs and fine-rounded solid tabletop will add charisma and personality to any setting. Embrace the elegance of this stunning piece with bolts of solid brass.

Create a beautiful sitting area with the Damsbo Master Dining Table. The table is available in Oak and White Oak, and both can be extended with the extension plates. The extension plates can be used permanently or when extra seating is needed.

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