Lightweight Stool, White Oak


A very versatile and ultra-lightweight stool to be used for extra seating, an elegant design object or side table. Even though it is very light in weight there is no compromise in quality, the stool is remarkably sturdy and strong. This piece boasts highly detailed woodwork and minimalistic wooden slat repetition.

Materials: Solid European Oak

Place of Origin: Made in Europe


Dimensions: W: 40 cm, H: 45 cm, D: 29,5 cm 

Net weight: 2,5 kg

Finish: White Oil

Designed by: Jonas Herman, Herman Studio

Product number: 1271


For daily cleaning, use a clean, dry cloth, ideally a cotton cloth. Avoid scouring pads or synthetic cloths as these may cause scratches

To remove dirt, use a damp cotton cloth firmly wrung in clean water

Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents, as this may damage the furniture

Use cleaning agents without solvents and only use mild soap

Reapplication of oilhere 


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