Lunar Chair, White Oak


Lunar Chair is a versatile wooden dining chair with a great balance between functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. The characteristic
rounded backrest with integrated armrest, crafted from a single piece of solid wood, ensures optimal comfort with both elbow and lower back support and enables a variety of seating positions. The wood seat rests on a strong X-shaped structure that provides optimal stability and supports the light expression. The curved wooden seat provides good seating comfort and a clear profile. The chair is stackable and can also be hung on the tabletop. These functional features, combined with its elegant, harmonious expression and durable construction, make Lunar Chair the perfect choice in work settings or home interiors.

Materials: Solid European Oak. Molded Veneer

Place of Origin: Made in Europe


Dimensions: W: 52,5 cm, H: 74,5 cm, D: 49 cm, Seat Height: 45,5 cm

Net weight: 5 kg

Finish: White Oil

Designed by: Jonas Herman, Herman Studio

Product number: 1101


For daily cleaning, use a clean, dry cloth, ideally a cotton cloth. Avoid scouring pads or synthetic cloths as these may cause scratches

To remove dirt, use a damp cotton cloth firmly wrung in clean water

Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents, as this may damage the furniture

Use cleaning agents without solvents and only use mild soap

Reapplication of oil here


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