A Line Laundry Box, White Oak


This laundry box is a rediscovered classic made of solid oak with highly durable quality.

It is a very practical box with a large storage space. The lid is lifted by a small leather handle and the construction holds the lid in place while used. The handles on each side make it possible to move the box around easily while in use. The two straight lines let the air inside the box ventilate naturally, an important feature for a laundry box.

The lower cut of the two legs and angles give it a feeling of being lifted up while the overall design is solid and robust.

The A Line Laundry Box is a special piece of furniture that can take a prominent position in your home.


Materials: Solid European Oak. Natural Bend Leather

Place of Origin: Made in Europe


Dimensions: L: 43 cm, H: 73 cm, D: 32,5 cm

Net weight: 12,4 kg

Finish: White Oil Treated

Designed by: Herman Studio

Product number: 2126


Step 1: Clean the surface with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe the surface dry.

Step 2: Apply a white furniture oil with a soft cloth. Excess oil must be removed 30 minutes after application.

Step 3: Polish with a clean cloth until an even look is attained. The oil will not harden until after 12 hours. Do not cover any of the surface until the oil has hardened.

IMPORTANT: Cloths with oil should be disposed of in an airtight bag with a little water. The cloths are flammable and highly flammable.

Re-treatment in case of extra wear and tear read here

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